Wednesday, April 8, 2015

75 Year Old Batman may be Senile but He's Still Got Gadgets

Dear Director,

   A longtime supporter of the various Arkham Treatment Facility, Mr. Bruce Wayne is treated with the utmost care. Mr. Wayne's is a complex case. He is suffering from multiple psychological issues that, we think, arise from living under the public eye for so long. Of course, we all know the Bruce Wayne of days past-that billion dollar playboy. In and out of the tabloids and newspapers, Mr. Wayne was constantly under public scrutiny. It is our belief that such a long standing relationship with the public eye in such a negative light has created what we can only refer to as neurotic episodes of paranoia and delusions of grandeur.
   Mr. Wayne has upon repeated occasions broken out of his room during night hours, donned a makeshift costume and crept through the halls doing what he calls "stalking". It seems, as sad as it is, that Bruce Wayne believes that he is the Batman (the costumed vigilante that once caught criminals in Gotham City proper). 
   It would be wrong of me not to note that Mr. Wayne has a tremendous amount of physical damage to his body. Most of this shows itself in the form of scarring, evidence of poorly mended broken bones and a general lack of any cartilage in any of his extremities. It seems that Mr. Wayne may have been hiding these psychological problems from the public for some time. 
   Further observation is needed. Thank you sir.

                                                                                                                     -Dr. Bill Main

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