Monday, June 4, 2018

New Job and Personal Project Ideas

I got a new job! Well, sort of. I'm still with Trader Joe's but I accepted a job as a packaging designer at the beginning of the year...that's 2018 to you, future reader.

The work is stupendous, the team is incredible and the benefits (let's just say there's an island of snacks that I sail my office chair to every few hours) are on point. I might have one little, eensy-weensy, minuscule gripe though. The traffic getting home. I still live in San Pedro. That's about an hour and a half away on most days! I miss my little 15 minute commute and seeing my family for five hours before my little son has to go to sleep.

Notice that I said I MIGHT have one gripe. I'm trying to make that slow boat commute a good one. Aside from calling my wife and son to talk, I've begun documenting some of the ideas that pop into my head while I'm driving. I'm trying to localize these documented thoughts to subjects around Art since this all started as an Art blog. So...I give to you my first real drive and spew-no that sounds disgusting. Car Talk. Nope, that's taken.

Hmm. I'll give the title some thought. In the meantime, here you go:

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