Monday, August 5, 2013

Mongo the front pushing freak

Skateboarders today are pretty open to differing styles, fashion trends and even music choices. Gone are the days where you could spot a skater just by the clothes he wears or the music playing on his radio. Like most other subcultures, the skate scene is becoming more open to change. What distinguishes a "real" skater from a poser today, is what it should be...skills.

That being said, there is still one thing that pretty universally gets hate in the skateboarding world internationally: pushing mongo.

To push mongo, one must use their front foot to push themselves rather than their back foot. There are Youtube videos exemplifying the heinous behavior, websites devoted to hating on Mongs, and an overall bad attitude toward kids who prefer to skate this way. 

I've heard all the arguments against pushing mongo my whole life but you know what? I just won't stop. I can easily go back and forth between standard and mongo but I always prefer to push mongo in general.

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To celebrate my terrible decision, I've made Mongo, the front-pushing freak. Now you too can celebrate your utterly horrible skateboarding with this mini print over at my Etsy.

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