Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elvis Presley, your hunk o’ burning love.

Random facts about Elvis Presley:
He made 31 movies.
He only played 5 shows outside of the United States. 100% of those were played in Canada.
Nicolas Cage is the only person outside of Elvis’ immediate family to have seen the inside of Elvis’ bedroom at Graceland.
In the 60′s Elvis had a pet dog and a chimpanzee. Because he was Elvis.
Elvis was abducted by aliens on August 16, 1977
He became supreme overlord of the Klatuu nebula on September 20, 1978. This was the fastest rise to power since the Glarkon debacle of Lerdnon 7.
Elvis’ first act of power was to abolish the stardate system and transfer all dating to the Gregorian calendar. He felt star dating was “like, too far out man.”

thanks to for the great facts. You guys are great.

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