Friday, August 31, 2012

Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers hug.

I have two brothers. One older, one younger. None of us have the ability to shoot fireballs, fly, turn into statues, frogs, raccoons, jump over lava pits that are ten times as long as we are tall. I know two brothers who do have those abilities and more. You may think that those abilities would make these two guys an inseparable team that could work through any issues, but I say nay. Nay I say!
The Mario brothers were two skilled tradesman who were mystically transported to the Mushroom Kingdom just to be inundated with trials and tribulations of an unearthly degree all in an attempt to save a princess they had just met. We can assume they were benevolent guys since there is never any mention of a reward for saving said princess. That makes me think the the princess became the reward for both brothers. There is an instant set up for sibling rivalry.
If you notice, the brothers are rarely shown on screen at the same time without being pitted against each other. I can say for myself that playing Super Mario 3 with my older brother was a lesson in pain. Every time I passed by one of the levels he had beaten, he would initiate the Mario Bros. mini game and steal my lives and inventory items. A worse frustration was never known. Controllers were wielded like nunchucks, brotherly beatings happened-usually quietly so our mom didn’t make us stop playing. Craziness. I’m sure I did something equally as irritating to my younger brother through a later Mario game. My point is that the Mario brothers breed rivalry even if it is funny at times.
So I decided to paint these guys locked in a forever stare that lends us some insight to their family dynamics. Things were simpler when all they had to do was snake drains and unclog toilets.
I am currently offering these two 3D wall paintings on my Etsy! Luigi measures at about 9.25″x6.25″ while Mario is approximately 8″x7″. These guys would look great up on either side of a wall, on separate ends of a bookshelf, over a TV, etc.

These guys sold super quick but if you're interested in a custom order please contact me via my contact button above or via my Etsy shop! 

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