Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nerd Alert

Is it weird that I feel uncomfortable with everyone throwing around the "nerd" term? Allow me to explain: I don't mean that I'm uncomfortable because its really mean or derogatory. I guess I feel like I can't jump on board when people just add nerd after whatever thing they're obsessed about. ie: I'm a total _______nerd. 

While that may be true in some cases, I feel like people are jumping on the nerd bandwagon. There are a lot of people around the old internet these days claiming nerd genes without really striving for that peak of isolated, obsessive, really-good-at-what-you-do nerdiness. 

Look, I understand that there is a really solid philosophical argument for nerd-dom branching into every area of society but I don't think it applies when a person is only going half speed into their chosen nerd path. Ok, ok...I need to pipe down.

Ok, I'm piped. At any rate, I drew this guy and I love him. Thanks to the fantastic Mr. Frenden, that's Ray Frenden to you folks, and his marvelous brush pack for Photoshop, this little digital drawing was done in a jiffy.
 Here's just a simple version of him. He's sad because he knows that people only spend an average of under 5 minutes looking at a given blog post per day. Stick around, maybe he'll cheer up.

A little animation of how I worked it up with those Frenden brushes.
Maybe I'm a little bitter. I need to check that I think...

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