Thursday, October 4, 2012

We barf because we love…

It’s not an uncommon thing to say that everyone shows love in their own way. In fact, I’m sure that love looks different in different parts of the world. Yet I sure can’t understand why we have people use the term “love birds.” Um, people, have you seen birds take care of each other? They literally vomit into each other’s mouths. INTO THEIR MOUTHS! Ahem..uh forgive me my friend…just had to get that out.
My wife had a parrot when she was growing up that would fling her deliciously regurgitated nuts and millet up and fling it all around her room. Then she would stare at you with her love eyes and go, “Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiwiwi” in a soft voice. She only knew one word, her name. Kiwi. Kiwi lives at the in-laws house. Just for the record, she lives there because of our crazy bird blood-craving cats and not because of my callous, vom-hating heart.
At any rate, I wanted to make a card for all you lovers out there and somehow it got synthesized with my feelings about Kiwi regurgitating on me. Here you go!

You can go right ahead and order one or five thousand of these or my other cards over at my Etsy shop.

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